• Image Courtesy of Joe Carter.
  • Image Courtesy of Joe Carter.
  • Image Courtesy of Dmitri McGuckin.


I originally picked this up in about 2009 as a sort of side tool for minor mods in games such as Civilization. This was my first introduction to true Object Oriented Programming. I, however, was self-taught at the time and did not properly begin to learn the language until about 2014. To this day, nearly all of my back-end projects, that are mostly but not limited to my college class assignments, are written in C++. These projects have vary in nature, from music library managers, to weather report apps.


This was my first formal introduction to Object Oriented Programming in my academic studies, and was a core structure to my year in Advanced Placement Computer Science, in highschool. I was introduced to Java in around 2013-2014 and developed in it for approximately a year. The first creation (mostly) of my own was a really crappy chess game. I later on, with the help of much calculus, attemted to create a single-point 3D ray-casting engine which I dubbed BobbyBox.


This was the very first non-low-level language that I picked up, originally with the intent of making small scripts for an old game called Rise Of Nations. I later on got an even deeper interaction with it when a mod for Mincraft called ComputerCraft came out on branch for a popular modpack: Tekkit. To this day through other new mods, I continue to develop in game engines/applications/logical-managers for computer related items.